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Striped Bass


Have you ever had fish for dinner? Have you ever been fishing? Fish are an important food source for humans, as well as many animals in the ocean. To make sure there are enough fish in the sea for everyone to share, we have rules about how many fish can be taken. Learn more about the rules for one of our favorite fish from Brian in the striped bass video below. Then, test your fish limits with this Sustainable Seafood Activity

Feeling artistic? Dive into ColoringBay’s Striped Bass Coloring Sheet and decorate your own fish. After you color them in, it’s up to you to decide – are they “keepers?” 




Water Cycle


Has it been a rainy autumn in your area? Foggy? Snowy? Or have you experienced a drought? Sometimes it seems like we have a lot of water in our environment, and sometimes it seems like there is very little water that we can see, or none at all. But the amount of water in Earth’s atmosphere always stays the same…so where does it go? Learn about the journey of water from naturalist Daryn in the Water Cycle Video below. Then, head to Ms. D’s Garden to create your own Water Cycle in a Bottle, or play around with precipitation with Natural Beach Living’s Rain Cloud Experiment.

Time for a challenge! Can you find or create examples of Condensation, Evaporation, and Precipitation in or around your house? We want to know what you find! Send your discoveries to [email protected].



Sit Spot


As we head into the colder months, it may seem harder to get outside! But getting outside is the best way to slow down and open up your eyes to the natural world. Adding a Sit Spot into your daily routine is a great reminder to spend a little time outside every day, and notice something new right in your backyard! Try out our Sit Spot activity. Want to learn more about Sit Spots and other ways to have fun outside? Check out Coyote’s Guide to Connecting with Nature

Feeling cold at your sit spot? Print out this great resource for Dressing for the Weather, and place it by your door, so you will always remember to be prepared before heading outside!




Musical Instruments


Have you heard any bird songs lately? Many different animals use songs and sounds to communicate with each other, with other species, and even to navigate! Listen and learn more about the songs you hear in your own backyard at Music of Nature. Humpback whales are famous for their complex songs which marine biologists have been able to record and share with the world. Listen to this podcast to hear their beautiful music and learn more!

Now it’s your turn! Musical Instruments using recycled materials and create your own song! Need some more inspiration? Head to Artsy Craftsy Mom for more ideas!



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