Your Learning Connection #1

Your Learning Connection  |  Vol. 1



Signs of Spring: Earthworms!

SSC Naturalist Daryn is on a mission to search for signs on spring in her backyard. After taking a moment to listen and look, she decides to observe earthworms and offers tips on how to find them and conduct your own earthworm discovery challenge.



Go on an Owl Prowl!

“Whoo Cooks for You, Whoo Cooks for You All!” Turn the volume way up for the beginning of this Nature Time Activity video, presented by SSC Naturalist and Big Fish Little Fish leader Emily. She went out to chat with some barred owls recently and got inspired to send you off an on owl prowl! Learn the calls of some NH native owls, scratch the surface of owl ecology, and then go out and prowl!  

Learn more about exploring nature New England from Mary Holland’s Naturally Curious Blog.



Virtual Tide Pool Exploration

Can’t make it to the rocky shore, but looking to for something new to explore? This Prezi-style presentation allows you to peek under rocks in order to learn more about your favorite tide pool creatures, such as where to find them, their unique adaptations, and how to observe them safely. The presentation can be viewed from beginning to end by clicking the arrows at the bottom of the screen, or you can bounce around to learn about your favorite creatures by clicking on the rocks and blurbs.

After exploring:

  • Compete against family members, classmates, or yourself to test your knowledge of the tide pools by creating a Kahoot-style game show!
  • Play hide and seek! Can you find the tortoiseshell limpet in the Virtual Tide Pool? How about the razor clam? 
  • Find creatures that look similar to each other. Which ones look different?
  • Think about which creature you think has the best camouflage. Can you draw a picture of an animal that is blending in with its surroundings?

Virtual Tide Pool Exploration 


Water Drop Challenge

Water can be found everywhere! It’s inside all plants and animals, up in the sky, deep in the ground, and in ponds, lakes and – of course – the ocean! Water is always cycling, or moving, around the earth and the atmosphere through processes like precipitation, evaporation, and condensation.

You can find more information on the water cycle on the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Water Cycle page.

Water Drop Challenge


Let’s Go Exploring!

Heading outside and using our powers of observation is a great way to start the week!  When we slow down and take a closer look we may find some surprises. Can you go on an adventure to slow down and discover colors in surprising places? Check out this fun Colors in Nature Scavenger Hunt, or try out this First Signs of Spring Scavenger Hunt challenge. Be sure to bring an adult with you!


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