Marine Mammals of the Gulf of Maine

Today, the need to understand how we connect with and impact the natural world—with the ocean—is more critical than ever.

In this exhibition, the story of Tofu the humpback whale provides a real-life example of how human activity can both negatively and positively impact marine life. Tofu, who was named by cetacean biologists for her almost all-white fluke (tail), met her demise when she was just two and half years old, likely from a ship strike. Her 32’ skeleton, articulated in a playful roll, demonstrates a typical humpback whale behavior and captivates visitors as they enter Seacoast Science Center.

SSC Marine Mammal Rescue Program

Seacoast Science Center Marine Mammal Rescue responds to all reports of live (healthy, injured, sick) and deceased seals, whales, porpoises, and dolphins in NH and northern MA (from Essex, MA, to the Maine border).

Marine Mammal Response Hotline: 603-997-9448

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