Harbor Seal Pupping Season Expected to Begin this Month

If you see a seal or other marine mammal on the beach, call the Seacoast Science Center Marine Mammal Rescue hotline at 603-997-9448
Harbor seals bear their young from late April through June. The majority of the pups in the region are born in Maine, however there is some pupping that occurs south

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Celebrating Women in Science: Kate Leavitt, SSC Chief Program Officer

For thirty years, Seacoast Science Center has been inspiring and employing women in science careers. From field trips and summer camps to volunteering and internships, young women have had meaningful experiences here and followed their dreams to work in ocean science. The Center’s staff also includes women at all stages of career development and provides

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Gulf Stream Orphans Project

How community members are helping monitor wayward juvenile fish.
Rob Royer | Senior Aquarist
The Gulf Stream is a swift water current that runs from the Caribbean Sea, turning eastward along the North Atlantic seaboard. Like a continuously moving conveyor belt, the Gulf Stream brings warm water—and warm water species—northward. Sheltered by George’s Bank,

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That’s A-Moray!

Lauren Bucciero | Marketing Intern
Recently, I had the opportunity to visit the Center to explore the new living coral tanks in the Restoring Reefs exhibit in the Eversource Gallery. I was immediately captivated by the spotted creature I saw emerging from its hiding spot. It quickly slid out of its network of PVC

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SSC provides educational resources to over 26K in first two weeks of temporary closure

During this unprecedented global health crisis, Seacoast Science Center has been hard at work to find new ways to continue to engage the community in science- and nature-based learning. Within the first two weeks of launching its new digital Your Learning Connection resource, SSC has reached over 26,000 families across New Hampshire and beyond.
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Seacoast Science Center seeks nature artists

The Seacoast Science Center is accepting submissions for artwork to be incorporated in its Indoor Tide Pool Touch Tank exhibit interpretive panels. A renovation of the exhibit is planned for Winter 2018.
Artists of all ages and ability are welcome to submit their original art of the following intertidal creatures: Blue Mussel (Mytilus edulis), Common

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Second dead minke whale in a month washes ashore in Rye

New Hampshire Union Leader
August 19. 2017 5:14PM

RYE – A second dead minke whale in less than a month has washed ashore off New Hampshire’s seacoast, Fish and Game officials confirmed Saturday.
Officials said they believe the small whale was dead before it came ashore on Foss Beach in

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First case of 2017

Ashley Stokes | Marine Mammal Rescue Manager

Yesterday afternoon we responded to our first case of 2017! We have been waiting for our first call to report a winter seal visitor, such as a harp seal or hooded seal, but unfortunately this report was for a deceased harbor porpoise. The call initially was reported

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A Busy Week!

Ashely Stokes | Marine Mammal Rescue Manager
Wow, what a crazy week it has been for the Marine Mammal Rescue Team! Between Labor Day and last night we responded to 23 harbor seal cases! Of those cases, 13 were deceased animals and 10 were live. This is the time of year that we see the

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Green Crabs: Disaster or Delicacy?

Ashley Breault | Marketing Intern | Ocean Studies and Communications Student at University of New England

Green crabs are one of the many species you can find along the shore throughout New England, including the tide pools and rocky coast of Odiorne State Park. But did you know that they haven’t always been here?

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