Learn about our latest efforts to promote ocean health, enjoy amazing creature features, and discover what happens behind the SSC scenes.

SSC’s Ocean Runner Completes the Dopey Challenge for Ocean Health

The Seacoast Science Center’s Ocean Runner, Nichole Rutherford, successfully completed one of the most challenging goals of her life: completing the Dopey Challenge at Walt Disney World in Florida. The race, held January 5-8, 2017, consisted of a 5K, 10K, half-marathon, and marathon, totaling 48.6 miles.
Although the half-marathon was cancelled due to severe

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First case of 2017

Ashley Stokes | Marine Mammal Rescue Manager

Yesterday afternoon we responded to our first case of 2017! We have been waiting for our first call to report a winter seal visitor, such as a harp seal or hooded seal, but unfortunately this report was for a deceased harbor porpoise. The call initially was reported

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#OceanRunnerNH: Are Mermaids for Real?

Ocean Runner Nichole is suiting up for the Dopey Challenge, held January 4-January 8, 2017 at Walt Disney World Resort, Florida! Running to promote ocean health, Nichole has a different marine-related outfit for each day at the race. Her Little Mermaid costume sparked a conversation about whether mermaids are fact or folklore. This video

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#OceanRunnerNH: Sea Life Winter Adaptations

What happens to sea creatures when temperatures dip below freezing? Ocean Runner Nichole visited the shore with SSC Naturalist Sarah Toupin to find our how animals adapt to winter weather.
Help Ocean Runner fund a new program, Healthy Ocean or Bust Bandits, a community action ocean conservation program to be launched in 2017, that

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Onward: ocean plans for a truly blue economy

Wendy Lull | SSC President
After several years of following the process to create the nation’s first ocean plans, I am very pleased that two regional plans, the Northeast Ocean Plan and the Mid-Atlantic Ocean Action Plan, have been finalized. These plans promote the use of integrated ocean data and best practices for informed and

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Happy Holidays from the SSC Crew!

The Seacoast Science Center crew gets into the holiday spirit, wishing joy to you, me, and all the fishes in the deep blue sea.

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Octopus Challenge: Day 2

Octopus are among the most unique beings on Earth. They possess a complex genomic structure that rivals the most intelligent mammals. These invertebrate cephalopods are capable problem solvers and masters of illusion.
Currently, the Seacoast Science Center has two Pacific Red Octopus (Octopus rubenscens) on display. In this video series, you can observe their

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#OceanRunnerNH: Tide Pool Touch Tank

Ocean Runner Nichole learns about tide pool ecology from naturalist Kate Leavitt at the Seacoast Science Center, and gets hands-on with some of the cool critters that inhabit the tank, including sea stars, urchins, hermit crabs, periwinkles, and more.
Help Ocean Runner fund a new program, Healthy Ocean or Bust Bandits, a community action

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#OceanRunnerNH: What’s the clamor about that Clam?

Ocean Runner Nichole and her son Jack were out running on Old Orchard Beach in Maine when Jack came across a giant clam shell. Not sure what species the clam was, Nichole brings a photograph of it back to the Seacoast Science Center to learn more about it from Aquarist Rob Royer.
Help Ocean

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Marine Mammal Rescue Volunteer Training

Ashley Stokes | Marine Mammal Rescue Manager
Our Marine Mammal Rescue Team held its annual field responder training workshop for all of our marine mammal rescue team volunteers on Wednesday, November 16, 2016. During this training, volunteers gain valuable knowledge about how to respond, the different species seen in the area, how to collect data and

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