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Star Island Response Training

This past week two of our staff members made the trek by boat out to Star Island (Isles of Shoals) to train a few of their staff members how to respond to marine mammals, since we can’t easily dispatch a team member when we get a report out there! That training came at the perfect

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Coral Bleaching

Live, healthy coral has algae in its outer tissue layer, living in a symbiotic relationship. When coral is under stress, from water chemistry, temperature changes or other factors, it expels the algae to protect itself. This process is called coral bleaching. While coral reefs occupy only 1% of the ocean, they hold approximately 25%

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One Photogenic Seal!

The female weanling harbor seal we were monitoring yesterday appears to have gone back out to the ocean! She blended in well at the rocky shore in Rye near the Crown Colony Cottages, but we scoured the area and she is no longer there. She was very photogenic, so we wanted to share some photos

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Harbor Seal Triage

We continue to be busy with harbor seal weanling reports; both new and resightings of previous animals. Yesterday morning we responded to a report of an injured harbor seal weanling in Seabrook Harbor. With rehabilitation facilities still at capacity, our options were limited.
This female seal, newly weaned from mom, seems to have come in

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SSC staffer earns master’s degree in Museum Studies

by Heidi Duncanson | Development & Communications Coordinator

Long-time Seacoast Science Center naturalist Nikki Annelli recently celebrated a milestone: she earned a master’s degree in Museum Studies from the Harvard Extension School in Boston. She began taking classes in the spring of 2013 and completed her degree in May of this year. Colleagues celebrated

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Weanling Harbor Seal in Haverhill, MA?

The team has been extremely busy over the last few days with many reports of live weanling harbor seals, some of them duplicate sightings. We are working hard to keep safe distances between the seals and the public, as well as answering questions about these young animals and educating the public. With both rehabs being

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New Coral Reefs Exhibit

SSC Aquarist Rob Royer introduces the new Coral Reefs exhibit and talks about some of the warm water corals, fish, and anemones that reside in the tank.
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Weanling Season in Full Swing!

Weanling season is here! The last few days have kept our team very busy, with 4 live weanling harbor seals. These are seals that were just born a few weeks ago and are newly weaned from mom and trying to figure out life on their own. With both rehabilitation facilities at capacity at

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Weanling Harbor Seals Need a Break

This afternoon we received a report from a lifeguard at Salisbury Beach of a small live seal. This female weanling harbor seal had hauled out to take a rest; it was clear she was very tired. Life for these newly weaned pups can be very tough at times. At about a month and a half

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Red Lionfish

The red lionfish (Pterois volitans) is a venomous coral reef fish that makes its way all the way up to the Gulf of Maine during the warmer summer months. Native to the Indo-Pacific region, lionfish were accidentally introduced into the Western Atlantic. Because they have no known predators, they have become an invasive species.

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