Marine Fellows Program names Outstanding Achievement Award Winner

Posted on August 5, 2022

Adrianna George is honored with the Outstanding Achievement Award in the Marine Science Fellowship Program


Adrianna George of Milford, NH was honored for her achievement in the Marine Science Fellowship Program at the Seacoast Science Center in Rye, NH. The Outstanding Achievement Award is given annually to the high school student who has excelled in the program and shows great aptitude for the field of marine science. This honor comes with a financial award to help the recipient pursue their college career. She is shown here with Sean McKenna, director of the Marine Science Fellows Progam, and Kate Leavitt, Seacoast Science Center’s Director of Mission.

This year’s recipient developed a strong interest in marine science from a young age. Adrianna attended Safari and Sea Steward summer environmental camp at Seacoast Science Center in elementary and middle school, enrolled in SSC’s Marine Biology Camp during high school, then was accepted to participate in two semesters of the Center’s Marine Science Fellowship program. During her fellowship program, she conducted research on the effects of ocean acidification on different kinds of mollusks and also completed a study of periwinkle behavior.

“Adrianna is truly deserving of this special recognition, said Sean McKenna, director of the Marine Science Fellowship program. “She has worked hard, has great leadership skills and her eagerness to learn set her apart from other candidates. I’m happy to hear that she is enrolled at the University of New Hampshire for the fall to pursue an undergraduate degree in animal science. We have no doubt she will be very successful.”

During Marine Biology Camp, Adrianna credits a session on dissection with helping set her career goals. “On dissection day, we were supposed to dissect a squid and a dogfish, but a few minutes before we began, the Center’s Marine Mammal Rescue team arrived with a deceased seal that was available for necropsy to try to determine cause of death,” she explained. “I was nervous; I had never dissected something that large but once we got into it, I couldn’t be pulled away from the table. I was fascinated with the necropsy and realized I wanted to do more work like this in the future. My goal is to become a veterinary pathologist, which will involve many more years of study.”

Each year, Seacoast Science Center offers two semesters of the Marine Science Fellowship Program. This class is designed to give high school sophomores, juniors, or seniors hands-on learning experiences in the field of marine science. Students explore a variety of topics, discuss career paths and meet different scientists within the field. Participants design their own research project and present their findings to others. Students may also have an opportunity to earn credit through their school via either the New Hampshire Learn Everywhere or Extended Learning Opportunities programs.

The Marine Science Fellowship Outstanding Achievement Award was made possible by a generous gift from the Siler Family Trust. In addition, the gift will make it possible to expand the program and purchase additional scientific equipment for classroom and field learning.

For more information on Seacoast Science Center’s Marine Science Fellowship Program, please visit the program webpage.


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