September 2021

Gulf Stream Orphans Project

How community members are helping monitor wayward juvenile fish.
Rob Royer | Senior Aquarist
The Gulf Stream is a swift water current that runs from the Caribbean Sea, turning eastward along the North Atlantic seaboard. Like a continuously moving conveyor belt, the Gulf Stream brings warm water—and warm water species—northward. Sheltered by George’s Bank,

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Journey to the Edge of the Sea with Seacoast Science Center

Kate Leavitt | Chief Program Officer

Seacoast Science Center is thrilled to announce its new intertidal-themed exhibit, The Edge of the Sea. The interactive experience is anchored by three thoroughly unique touch tanks totaling over 500 gallons of cold saltwater and teeming with intertidal animals and seaweeds. Visitors can get their hands wet

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Natalee Martin appointed Chief Advancement Officer


Natalee Martin has joined our team as the Center’s first Chief Advancement Officer. The position was created as part of our renewed recommitment to fundraising, to ensure that we are meeting our community’s evolving needs and growing conservation ideals. Natalee’s enthusiasm to engage our community in helping to advance coastal and marine environmental education

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