Iceland Eco-Adventure: A travel journal

Cityscape of Reykjavik Iceland

The Seacoast Science Center hosted an Eco-Adventure, Iceland: Land of Fire and Ice, September 27-October 5, 2017. This guest blog was written by trip participant,

The Common Spider Crab

The Common Spider Crab (Libinia emarginata), also known as the Decorator Crab, is round and spiny, with long legs that can reach around its body

Little Fish make big discoveries

Employee and three kids with pirate hats and maps

  Emily Calhoun | Big Fish Little Fish Preschool Program Naturalist   “Can you make a boat out of rocks?” This scientific inquiry, however bizarre

Harbor seal severe wound rescue

Seal with a facial wound in the grass

Yesterday,  our team responded to a female harbor seal weanling (approximately 5 months old) in our own back yard—a few hundred yards from the  Center,

The Flounder: Master of Camouflage

SSC Aquarist Rob Royer showcases the flounder that are on exhibit at the Seacoast Science Center and explains their fascinating color-changing ability and the unique

Whales feeding in front of SSC!

Whale on the distance swimming in the ocean

It’s not everyday that you can whale and seal watch from your office! In fact, none of the staff here at the Seacoast Science Center

Hampton Beach weanling harbor seal

Weaning harbor seal on Hampton Beach

On Sunday, October 8, our team responded to this female weanling harbor seal at Hampton Beach State Park near the jetty. It had good body

Save the Seals River Cruise 2017

People mingling on the save the seals river cruise

We had a great crew of 60 people aboard Newburyport Whale Watch’s Captain’s Lady III for our 3rd annual Save the Seals River Cruise on

From Chaos to Serenity

Two woman posing in front of a waterfall

by Sarah Toupin | School and Group Program Manager As the School and Group Program Manager for the Seacoast Science Center, April through July are