Wallis Sand and Seabrook Seals

Sick seal on the shore

We continue to be busy, as weanling season is in full swing! Some of these weanlings are staying only a short time on the beach;

A day in the life of a summer intern

A summer intern standing at a view finder next to the sea

by Bailey Farris | Intern, Summer 2017 Hello,  I’m Bailey! I’ve signed myself up for a summer of wise lessons and wonderful times from the

A Marathon Response Weekend

Sick seal on the sand

Wow, what a marathon weekend and start to the week we just had! With both rehab facilities still at capacity, we are being very diligent

Star Island Response Training

Seal on the rocks

This past week two of our staff members made the trek by boat out to Star Island (Isles of Shoals) to train a few of

Coral Bleaching

Live, healthy coral has algae in its outer tissue layer, living in a symbiotic relationship. When coral is under stress, from water chemistry, temperature changes

One Photogenic Seal!

Photogenic seal on the shore

The female weanling harbor seal we were monitoring yesterday appears to have gone back out to the ocean! She blended in well at the rocky

Harbor Seal Triage

Harbor seal triage

We continue to be busy with harbor seal weanling reports; both new and resightings of previous animals. Yesterday morning we responded to a report of