Weanling Season in Full Swing!

Posted on June 27, 2017

Weanling season is here! The last few days have kept our team very busy, with 4 live weanling harbor seals. These are seals that were just born a few weeks ago and are newly weaned from mom and trying to figure out life on their own. With both rehabilitation facilities at capacity at this time, we have been busy making sure the public stays at a safe distance from the seals, and vice versa. Below are a few photos of two of the seals.

The first photo is a male harbor seal that was at Concord Point in Rye. He is very thin, but was responsive to movement and noise. When reported, he had some fishing line and a possible embedded hook in one of his hind flippers. Our vet went out to the location, removed the line, and flushed out the wound. We have since washed out the wound again and marked his head with a pink paint stick. He was seen this morning on Foss Beach in Rye and swam away!

The other is another weanling that was at North Beach in Hampton. Being a popular beach for surfing, walking dogs and relaxing, this seal got a lot of attention. But luckily, people were respectful and observed from a distance as field responders were down there to answer questions. That seal was in a different area of North Beach the following morning, but retreated to the water a short time later.



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