April 2017

#OceanRunnerNH: Rescue Run Recap 2017

Seacoast Science Center’s Ocean Runner Nichole gives a quick recap of the Rescue Run: Race for Marine Mammals held Saturday, April 22, 2017 in Odiorne Point State Park. Seven hundred and thirty six runners and walkers hit the trails to help save the seals! 
The Center combined their Earth Day celebration with the event,

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On the Brink of Harbor Seal Pupping Season

Ashley Stokes | Marine Mammal Rescue Manager
Harbor seals typically give birth during the months of May and June but occasionally pupping season begins early due to warmer water temperatures. Also, just like other mammals, some harbor seals will give birth to their pup prematurely. Last year we responded to our first premature pup on

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Behold the octopus: Problem solver, tool user and now, gene editor

Ben Locwin | Originally posted April 20, 2017 | Genetic Literacy Project
There are a few things to learn about octopuses: First – the plural of ‘octopus’ is indeed ‘octopuses,’ not ‘octopi.’ Second – they are thought to be, by far, the smartest invertebrates on the planet. They  use tools, solve mazes and puzzles, and

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Barbara Newall: Supporter for 25+ years!

Heidi Duncanson | Development and Communications Coordinator
When Barbara Newall was a student at the University of New Hampshire in the 1940s, she could not have predicted where her ties to the school and the New Hampshire Seacoast would lead her decades later.
Growing up, Barbara got an early introduction to the ocean. Her

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Seal Rogers Williams Released!

Exciting news!! Seal Rogers Williams, named after the veterinarian at NMLC, was our last seal from 2016 to still be in rehab with our friends at National Marine Life Center. He was rescued from Rye Harbor on September 30th and was finally released back to the wild this afternoon after battling the Pox Virus. Rogers’s

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Seacoast Science Center Welcomes Jim Chase as New President


The Seacoast Science Center is pleased to announce that Jim Chase has been named President as of April 17, 2017. Chase served as Vice President of the Seacoast Science Center for nearly 12 years, from 2001-2013.
An avid climber, Jim left the Center to take the position of Operations Director of The Access

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