SSC’s Rescue Manager joins NOAA’s peer grant review team

Posted on January 24, 2017

Karen Provazza | Director of Marketing

On January 10th, Rescue Manager Ashley Stokes traveled to Baltimore, MD to participate in NOAA’s application review process for the John H. Prescott Marine Mammal Rescue Assistance Grant Fund. This grant allows organizations in the marine mammal response field, in good standing, to apply for a pool of competitive federal funds to help offset the expense of rescue and response efforts. 

The purpose of this peer review session is to assist NOAA Fisheries in the reviewing and scoring of grant applications. The applications reviewed in this rigorous two-day process have already passed NOAA’s initial screening. Each peer reviewer is assigned approximately ten grant packages to review prior to traveling to Baltimore.

During this session, each of the grant applications, which were previously reviewed individually by the lead reviewer and two to three secondary reviewers, are reviewed by the combined panel of three to four individuals. The applicant then receives an average score based on the compilation of individual scores and comments. The applicants that pass the technical peer review, receiving a score greater than 60, are then moved onto a final review round by NOAA Fisheries staff.

We are honored that our Marine Mammal Rescue Team Manger Ashley Stokes was chosen to assist in the Prescott Fund grant application process. Her participation proved to be an exceptional learning experience and will help advance marine mammal rescue work on a national level.


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