Marine Mammal Rescue Volunteer Training

rescue volunteer trainees at desks

Ashley Stokes | Marine Mammal Rescue Manager Our Marine Mammal Rescue Team held its annual field responder training workshop for all of our marine mammal rescue

#OceanRunnerNH: Bye Bye Balloons

Did you know that mylar balloons never biodegrade, and latex balloons take approximately five years to break down? Sea creatures often mistake balloons for a

Alicia Sealverstone Released!

a seal on the beach between two posts

Ashley Stokes | NH Marine Mammal Rescue Manager Today, Marine Mammal Rescue Team Assistant Sarah Toupin and I went down to National Marine Life Center (NMLC) in

Octopus Challenge: Day 1

Octopus are among the most unique beings on Earth. They possess a complex genomic structure that rivals the most intelligent mammals. These invertebrate cephalopods are

Estuary Ecosystem Spotlight: Great Bay

a waterkeeper driving a boat

  Guest post by Jeff Barnum | Great Bay-Piscataqua Waterkeeper for the Conservation Law Foundation Great Bay, in coastal New Hampshire, is one of only 28