November 2016

Marine Mammal Rescue Volunteer Training

Ashley Stokes | Marine Mammal Rescue Manager
Our Marine Mammal Rescue Team held its annual field responder training workshop for all of our marine mammal rescue team volunteers on Wednesday, November 16, 2016. During this training, volunteers gain valuable knowledge about how to respond, the different species seen in the area, how to collect data and

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#OceanRunnerNH: Bye Bye Balloons

Did you know that mylar balloons never biodegrade, and latex balloons take approximately five years to break down? Sea creatures often mistake balloons for a meal, and oftentimes, ingesting one is fatal. In the past ten years, the number of balloons in the marine environment has tripled. Ocean Runner Nichole encourages using alternatives to balloons,

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Alicia Sealverstone Released!

Ashley Stokes | NH Marine Mammal Rescue Manager
Today, Marine Mammal Rescue Team Assistant Sarah Toupin and I went down to National Marine Life Center (NMLC) in Buzzards Bay, MA to assist in the release of one of our weanling harbor seal rescues, back to the wild. Alicia Sealverstone (NMLC’s naming theme is “sealebrities” this year)  was

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Octopus Challenge: Day 1

Octopus are among the most unique beings on Earth. They possess a complex genomic structure that rivals the most intelligent mammals. These invertebrate cephalopods are capable problem solvers and masters of illusion.
Currently, the Seacoast Science Center has two Pacific Red Octopus (Octopus rubenscens) on display. In this video series, you can observe

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#OceanRunnerNH: Conserve Water, Yo!

With the current water ban in the Northeast, Ocean Runner Nichole thinks up few easy ways for you to join her in helping to conserve water.
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Estuary Ecosystem Spotlight: Great Bay

Guest post by Jeff Barnum | Great Bay-Piscataqua Waterkeeper for the Conservation Law Foundation
Great Bay, in coastal New Hampshire, is one of only 28 ecosystems in the U.S. to be designated as an ‘estuary of national significance,’ so we are spotlighting one of the challenges the bay is facing: loss of eelgrass. Jeff Barnum took SSC staff members out on

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