Propellor Strike Likely Injures Harbor Seal

Posted on August 15, 2016

This afternoon we rescued this weanling female harbor seal from Sandy Point at the Parker River National Wildlife Refuge. We first responded to her yesterday afternoon at Crane Beach and it appears she was likely struck by a boat propellor near her tail. She was extremely feisty and alert yesterday but it was too late in the day to transport to rehab, so we had to wait to see where she ended up today.

Aug15Harbor_Propellor1 Aug15Harbor_Propellor2



Unfortunately she was far worse today, likely due to a combination of the very deep wound, as well as human-induced stressors (we heard that she was approached closely by a dog as well as people pouring water on her this morning and afternoon before she was reported; this often shocks their already weakened systems), her prognosis is very grim. But, we did transport her to Mystic Aquarium to try and get the care she deserves.

Please always remember to keep away from live marine mammals on the beach and let those who are trained to work with these animals respond. The best course of action for the public is to call the reporting hotline (603-997-9448) and then keep everyone away from the animal until a team member arrives.

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