#OceanRunnerNH: Saunders 10K Recap

Ocean Runner Nichole fills fans in on her experience running the Saunders 10K held in Rye, NH on August 18, 2016, and points out some of the

Manatee sightings on Cape Cod

a manatee swimming under the water

Another amazing sighting, this time off of Cape Cod. Over the last few days, this 8 foot manatee has been spotted several times. Our colleagues

Two Blue Whales in GOM!

a blue whale breaking the surface of the water

Not one, but TWO blue whales spotted in the Gulf of Maine off of the NH Coast… amazing!! We wish we were there to see

#OceanRunnerNH: Beach to Beacon 10K

Ocean Runner Nichole recently completed the iconic Beach to Beacon 10K, held in Cape Elizabeth, Maine on August 6, 2016. In this short video, Nichole

Dory, Nemo, and our Tropical Tank

  SSC Marketing Intern Ashley Breault hosts a Q & A with Aquarist Rob Royer about the creatures in one of our most popular exhibits;

#OceanRunnerNH: The secret behind sea glass

Ocean Runner Nichole looks to Seacoast Science Center’s Heidi Duncanson to learn the secrets behind sea glass. As pieces of glass are “weathered” physically, by

#OceanRunnerNH: Portland Head Light

Ocean Runner Nichole recently completed the Beach to Beacon 10K on August 6th. The race, which begins in Cape Elizabeth, Maine, near Crescent Beach State

Women and Water: Sisters in Evolution

a girl holding a photograph looking away at someone

The exhibition of Women and Water: Sister in Evolution is on display at the Seacoast Science Center through September 2016. Christine Destrempes | Director, Art and

Baja and Belize Bound!

a silhouetted person sitting on the rocks looking out at the water at sunset

Sarah Toupin | School and Group Program Manager I recently returned from an amazing trip to Baja, Mexico, which was part of my graduate program to receive my Masters in Biology