Update on Amelia Sealheart

Posted on May 31, 2016

Ashley Stokes | NH Marine Mammal Rescue Team Coordinator

This afternoon we got to check-in on Amelia Sealheart, the premature harbor seal pup that we rescued on April 24th. Despite a still-uncertain future, as she has had some significant ear discharge, she hasn’t had ear discharge in over a week. She is getting more pool time these days, and our friends at National Marine Life Center are starting to wean her off of tube feedings and onto “fish school”, so she can learn to hunt for, and eat, fish on her own. She is doing great and she is looking like a whole different animal these days! She also has some other seal pup friends in the same enclosure as her now.

Our little seal pup (top right in the photo…the dark pup) with 3 more dependent harbor seal pups that were also abandoned by their moms.

This is what she looked like on April 23rd….it’s amazing the transformation she has made already!

Amelia has molted her lanugo pup coat, and is now looking more like a typical harbor seal. She is putting on some pounds too!


It’s a tough life being a baby seal….big yawns before another nap!


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