Harbor Porpoise and Year-to-Date Update

Posted on May 2, 2016


On Sunday, May 1st, we responded to a call about a deceased harbor porpoise on a Salisbury, MA beach. The emaciated male weanling was picked up and transported him to the New England Aquarium’s Quincy facility for necropsy (autopsy for animals). It is likely that the young porpoise passed from failure to thrive.

Species breakdown of 2016 cases to date:
Harbor Seal: 3 (1 transported for rehabilitation)
Grey Seal: 5 (1 transported for rehabilitation)
Harp Seal: 4
Common Dolphin: 1
Harbor Porpoise: 1

It is important that we get a call (Marine Mammal Rescue 24/7 hotline: 603-997-9448) about every marine mammal that hauls out or strands on the shore. The data we collect is submitted to a National data base, used to track health trends, including ocean health.

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