First Harbor Pup of the Season

harbor seal on the rocks

Ashley Stokes  |  Marine Mammal Rescue Coordinator We responded to, and later rescued, our first harbor seal pup of the season on April 23rd. After

Northern Sea Star Feeding

starfish feeding

Watch this short video to see the sea star’s inverted stomach! The sea star has a feeding method unlike any other; it secures its prey with its tube

Northern Rock Barnacles Feeding

barnacles up close

Northern Rock Barnacles (Balanus balanoides) are crustaceans that attach themselves permanently to a hard substrate. They begin life as free swimming larvae and when it comes

Rare Orange Lobster Molting

orange lobster molting

Watch an American Lobster’s (Homarus americanus) molting is this sped-up video, narrated by Seacoast Science Center Aquarist Rob Royer. This rare orange lobster was in

A Day in the Life of an SSC Intern

sea urchins in a bucket

Sammie Powers | Marketing Intern My day at the Seacoast Science Center (SSC) began by holding a salty wet rock with an anemone on it. You might