The Seacoast Science Center is the perfect destination for scout groups interested in learning about science and nature.

Merit Badge Programs for Scout Groups

The Seacoast Science Center is the perfect destination for scout groups interested in learning about science and nature. Center programs help scouts earn badges and acquire content through hands-on activities. Our programs can also serve as introductory or wrap-up lessons to in-depth merit badge investigations.

Located in Odiorne Point State Park, there are seven different natural habitats and 135 acres to explore. Inside the Center, live animal and interpretive exhibits reinforce badge requirements. With a wide variety of topics, habitats, and program formats to choose from, your troop’s visit to the Seacoast Science Center will prove to be an exciting educational experience that scouts will remember for years to come.

Both indoor and outdoor programs are available throughout the year. All programs can be altered to meet the needs of any age group, size, time frame, or budget. You may choose one of our popular programs that are described below or we will work with you to customize a program to meet your specific needs.

We can also deliver a live, virtual field trip program to your troop’s meeting. All you need is a computer with a camera and microphone, and a screen to project the program.

Scout Group Programs fees are $8 per scout for a 1-hour program; $10 per scout for a 2-hour program; $12 per scout for a 3-hour program; $14 per scout for a 4 hour program. There is a minimum fee of $50/hour to run a program. Badges are available for purchase in our Nature Store.

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Our Programs

Girl Scouts


Animal Habitat Badge                        

Scouts will learn how animals play, where they live, and how they survive through games and activities. Nature journaling and guided outdoor discovery complement the indoor activities.

Animal Helper Badge

In the first hour, scouts will learn about marine animal husbandry through a behind-the-scenes tour of the Center’s aquarium systems. In the second hour, participants will learn about the Center’s Marine Mammal Rescue Team and become “CSI investigators” as they assess the health of a mock seal and perform a mock seal rescue.

Scientist Badge

Scouts will participate in a series of fun and awe-inspiring experiments. Girls will learn that science is all around us and even the littlest things can make a big bang!

Water Badge

Scouts will investigate the water cycle. Through a compelling art project, students will learn how the ocean is changing due to increased CO2. Scouts in the Ambassador program will investigate ocean acidification.

Cub Scouts


Environmental Science Merit Badge

In the first hour, participants will learn key vocabulary terms through fun games and conduct hands-on experiments to learn about how ecosystems are impacted. In the second hour, we will compare different habitats through guided exploration of Odiorne Point State Park.

Fish and Wildlife Merit Badge

Scouts will have the opportunity to observe and record data on wildlife in the Park and create nature journals to document their findings. If you prefer an indoor program, scouts can learn about the anatomy and physiology of animals by doing a squid dissection or by putting together marine mammal skeletons.

Oceanography Merit Badge

In this program, scouts will learn how the ocean influences our daily lives and how we impact the health of the ocean. Scouts will create models of the ocean floor, explore vocabulary through games, and learn about careers in marine science. With additional time, scouts will find out what research is being done locally and do some data collection.

Nature Merit Badges

You many choose from many program options to earn a Nature Merit Badge, and depending on the length of your program, choose one or more. Options include a scavenger hunt to learn about local flora and fauna, a geology lesson to learn about different rock formations, a biodiversity lesson through a fun camouflage game, and more!

Custom Programs

Length and cost varies depending on number of scouts.

Did not find what you were looking for? You can choose one or more of the program themes listed below or we can design a program to meet your specific needs. Pick three or four programs and we will create a rotation schedule for your troop. Come for the day or just for a few hours and experience all the Center and Park have to offer. The possibilities are endless!

Mysterious Woods

Walk the trails, explore the Park, and take advantage of all the teachable moments; tracks, bugs, plants and remnants of old houses. You could even have your students build forts to learn about animal shelters!


Students will learn how the ocean influences our weather and will understand how various weather systems can impact coastal communities.

Connect with Mount Washington Scientists

Compare sea level data and weather systems with those at the summit of Mount Washington. Children can talk with a scientist at highest point in NH and learn about tools used to collect data. This is a live distance learning program.

Integrated Arts

Learn and create! This program introduces scouts to marine science through a fun, interactive presentation, and then allows them to illustrate and reinforce their learning through a creative art project.


Outreach and Virtual Field Trip Programs

Let the Seacoast Science Center come to you!

Our naturalists will deliver innovative, content-rich programs right in your troop’s meeting place! We can travel to you or connect via computer. Topics include A Whale of a Program, Coastal Critters, Save A Seal, and many more.

Cost depends on program length and mileage.
Some restrictions apply.


To Schedule Your Program

Please contact Sarah at 603-436-8043, ext. 20 or [email protected].