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Distance Learning

Learning is fun! The technology at the core of the Center's new Gregg Interactive Learning Studio delivers a full suite of distance learning opportunities. With seven distinctly different habitats just outside the Center's door, and a diversity of live animals that inhabit the aquaria and terraria, our educators are prepared to deliver an array of unique programs. Whether you chose one of our popular ready-to-roll programs, or a program designed to meet your specific needs, your students will always remember their exciting distance learning experience with Seacoast Science Center.

The Gregg Studio has full high speed (T1) internet access. The 1,344 square foot studio is equipped with three high-definition projectors with three abutting 10' projection screens and 5.1 Dolby surround sound. Eight mobile tables are equipped with four touch-screen computers to accommodate 32 participants. The Studio is equipped with a dedicated green screen production booth as well as a portable green screen that can be set up in the Studio itself.

The presenter's station is designed to let educators shift from one media to another seamlessly. The station is also equipped with document and microscope cameras and a built-in aquarium. Six in-studio cameras provide imaging from a wide variety of angles.

Click here PDF File for more information on distance learning programs and technical specifications.