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Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteers play a vital role in helping us meet our demands throughout the year, but are especially crucial during the spring, summer and fall. The volunteer experience offers participants the ability to develop knowledge and skill in a supportive environment. There are ongoing educational opportunities along with many other benefits.

All volunteer applicants are required to submit an application. You will be contacted within 2-3 weeks after we receive your application to schedule an interview, during which we discuss your work experience, areas of interest, and opportunities at the Center. All volunteers accepted into the program receive an orientation prior to his/her assignment. We welcome applications from individuals of diverse age, experience, ethnicity and physical ability.

Below are some of the volunteer opportunities. For more information please contact Volunteer Coordinator Laura Bahl at 603-436-8043 ext. 21 or

Submit a Volunteer Application now. Please see below for Youth Volunteer opportunites and application.

Environmental Educator

By training to become an Environmental Educator, you will be helping us with the heart of our mission: to create connections to nature through personal experience. Whether you choose to assist with our most popular field program, Rocky Shore Exploration, or prefer to assist with an indoor program, you will share in our pride of promoting stewardship of our Earth.

Exhibit Interpreter

You can offer an enriching educational experience to visitors and school children by teaching them about our animals and exhibits. Watching a visitor's "wow" moment when you show them an amazing creature hidden in one of our tanks, or point out a bit of history that surprises them, is one of the many rewarding experiences you'll have as an Exhibit Interpreter.

Administrative Assistant

For those who prefer to be "behind the scenes" there are a variety of tasks for which your help would be greatly appreciated. Tasks include data input, filing and helping to prepare resources for our naturalists, and more.

Special Event Volunteer

Groups, families and individuals feel a great sense of satisfaction when they help us make one of our fun and/or fundraising events happen! Consider joining our crew for an event such as a Music-by-the-Sea Concert or BioBlitz!, or help with a special project such as a coastal cleanup or trail maintenance.

Youth Volunteers

The Youth Volunteer Program is designed to give thirteen to seventeen year old students the opportunity to gain knowledge and skill in a hands-on work environment, and have fun doing it. Opportunities include assisting with camp (see CIT Program below) and preschool programs, teaching visitors about the animals in our tanks, and more. For more information please contact Volunteer Coordinator Laura Bahl at 603-436-8043 ext. 21 or

Submit a Youth Volunteer Application now.

Counselor-in-Training Program (for ages 13-17)

Our Counselor-in-Training (CIT) program is a unique volunteer opportunity for Seacoast Science Center Member* teens to acquire leadership and informal teaching skills while learning about the marine environment in a camp setting. CIT's assist our camp counselors to provide a safe, fun, and meaningful educational experience for our campers. Prespective CIT's are interviewed to ensure that the program is a good fit and are required to participate in training.

For more information on the CIT program, please contact Volunteer Coordinator Laura Bahl at 603-436-8043 ext. 21 or

*Must be a member at the Family Level or higher.

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