Marine Mammal Rescue

Alicia Sealverstone Released!

Ashley Stokes | NH Marine Mammal Rescue Manager
Today, Marine Mammal Rescue Team Assistant Sarah Toupin and I went down to National Marine Life Center (NMLC) in Buzzards Bay, MA to assist in the release of one of our weanling harbor seal rescues, back to the wild. Alicia Sealverstone (NMLC’s naming theme is “sealebrities” this year)  was

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Center’s Marine Mammal Rescue Team Participates in Full Scale Oil Spill Exercise

Heidi Duncanson | Development and Communications Coordinator
Earlier this month, four members of our staff participated in a major environmental drill involving two dozen federal, state and local agencies and industrial partners.* The Northern New England Oil Spill Full Scale Exercise was held by NH Department of Environmental Services (NH DES) to prepare

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Seal Rogers Williams

We just had to share this adorable photo from our friends at NMLC of Seal Rogers Williams—one of our rescues. He is looking great!!
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Great Bay Strategy Oil Boom Deployment Exercise

Today three Marine Mammal Rescue Team staff members went out on the water with members of the NH Department of Environmental Services, Coast Guard, and a number of contractors, for the annual Great Bay Strategy Oil Boom Deployment Exercise. This exercise is run each fall, to practice the implementation of putting out booms in the event

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National Marine Animal Health and Stranding Network Conference

Ashley Stokes | Marine Mammal Rescue Manager
On September 6-9, 2016, Marine Mammal Rescue Assistant Sarah Toupin and I attended the National Marine Animal Health and Stranding Network Conference in Shepherdstown, West Virginia. This conference, attended by organizations that do marine mammal rescue work throughout the United States, is only held about once every five years.
This was

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Swordfish Washes Up on Rye Beach

Karen Provazza | Director of Marketing
On Monday, September 12, 2016, our Marine Mammal Rescue Manager Ashley Stokes received an unusual report: a swordfish washed up on Cable Beach in Rye. While not a marine mammal, our Rescue Team was eager to assess the situation and equipped to remove the carcass from the beach.
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Salisbury Reservation Harbor Seal

Ashely Stokes | Marine Mammal Rescue Manager

Yesterday afternoon, we responded to this female weanling harbor seal at Salisbury Reservation. She had reportedly been there since late at night the previous day. She has many small wounds on her body, a couple of slightly larger wounds, and is in thin nutritional condition. We made the

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Weanling harbor seals showing signs of failure to thrive

A reporter from the Manchester Union Leader called to interview a Marine Mammal Rescue Team member after hearing word that several deceased harbor seals have been reported on New Hampshire beaches. In this article, MMRT Assistant Sarah Toupin explains that this is the time of year when weaker weanling harbor seals are challenged. The photo

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Manatee sightings on Cape Cod

Another amazing sighting, this time off of Cape Cod. Over the last few days, this 8 foot manatee has been spotted several times. Our colleagues at the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) are keeping a close eye the manatee, monitoring its whereabouts and health status. Because Manatees are warm water marine mammals, it will

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Two Blue Whales in GOM!

Not one, but TWO blue whales spotted in the Gulf of Maine off of the NH Coast… amazing!! We wish we were there to see that!
Did you know that Blue whales are the largest mammals on earth and can reach lengths over 100 feet long? Wow!
This from the Blue Ocean Society for Marine

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