Management Team

Jim Chase
[email protected]
ext. 15

Nichole Rutherford
Vice President
[email protected]
ext. 26

Jim Brown
Director of Major Gifts
[email protected]
ext. 35

Susan Bradbury
Director of Finance
[email protected]
ext. 10

Henry Burke
Director of Programs
[email protected]
ext. 16

Kate Leavitt
Director of Mission
[email protected]
ext. 27

Jeremy LeClair
Director of Exhibits
[email protected]
ext. 11

Karen Provazza
Director of Marketing
[email protected]
ext. 12


Nikki Annelli
Exhibits and Program Assistant 
Marine Mammal Rescue Assistant
[email protected]
ext. 30

Laura Bahl
Volunteer Coordinator
[email protected]
ext. 21

Danielle Bastian
Visitor Services Manager
[email protected]
ext. 13

Daryn Clevesy
Visitor Program Coordinator
[email protected]
ext. 13

Jennifer Boyle
Finance Assistant
[email protected]
ext. 28

Emma Carey
Program Assistant
[email protected]
ext. 17

Heidi Duncanson
Development and Communications Coordinator
[email protected]
ext. 10

Sean McKenna
Assistant Aquarist &
Marine Fellowship Coordinator
[email protected]
ext. 17

Rob Royer
Aquarist and Marine Mammal Rescue Assistant
[email protected]
ext. 23

Ashley Stokes
Marine Mammal Rescue Manager 
[email protected]g
ext. 29

Sara Sturzo
Site Sales & Event Manager
[email protected]
ext. 14

Board of Directors


Allan Waterfield, Chair
Jim Glynn, Vice Chair
Tim Hepburn, Treasurer
Pam Sallet, Secretary

At large
Trevor Arp
KK Brown
Renee Chiou
Kathryn Drew
Bruce Freeman
Jeanne Hayes
Greg Johnson
Susan Labrie
Laurie Leichthammer
Greg Lynch
Eric Maher
Matt Siler

Directors, Ex-officio
Phillip Bryce
Director, NH Director of Parks & Recreation

David Divins
Executive Director, UNH School of Marine Science and Ocean Engineering

Directors, emeritus
Paul Avery
Barbara Newall

President emeritus
Wendy Lull

Technical Advisors
Dr. Robert Ballard
Paul Erickson
J. Bonnie Newman
Dr. Cameron Wake